Class A Motorcoach Exclusive, 15 Years or Newer, 32' Minimum

Owner Rental Program

  • Flexible program
  • Attractive commission splits
  • No blackout dates
  • Rates and amenities set by owners
  • Real time owners portal access
  • Extensive maintenance inspections
  • Testimonials

Hear from some of our rental program owners...

“As owners we are well satisfied that our participation in the rental program serves us and others well. Our property is overseen and maintained by a professional staff and our guests are received in a welcoming manner and well taken care of for the duration of their stay. It’s a win-win on for all.”
- Kelley & Paul
“The entire staff at Bella Terra handle all aspects of our rental lot with ease, and the utmost attention to detail. The program has both financial and enjoyment benefits!”
- Terry & Catherine
“The staff takes care of all our needs from renting the lot to providing all the needed accounting required for a rental property. The staff is always exceptional with any request we make when we are not on the property. The additional income, which is a very generous 60/40, is a benefit. Caroline has implemented multiple aspects for improving the entire program.”
- Cat & Lisa
“Since our purchase in 2016, we’ve experienced service and utilization that we never expected. The staff and the program take care of the rental process, marketing, and property management. Caroline, the rental program manager, does an outstanding job. We looked at several motorcoach resorts in other parts of the country. We are so happy we chose Bella Terra.”
- John & Anne