Announcing 1.9% Financing on New Lots

Bella Terra RV Resort of Gulf Shores, rated one of the top five RV resorts in America, announced that it has “just made available an incredible group of financing options, including a 1.9% interest rate” for purchasers of its Class A motor coach resort lots.

Bella Terra understands that what is perfect for one person might not be for another. Therefore, we have designed our “Ownership Toolbox” with a wide variety of incentives and financing options to help you customize your Bella Terra RV lot purchase the way you want.

We have a host of special financing options, or you can combine the best part of a couple of financing packages to help us custom fit your specific needs.

If you are selling a piece of real estate or waiting for another financial transaction to close in a short period, you will want to ask about our customized 0% Interest Loan.

No-Penalty, Drop-In Financing

Perhaps you have a Limited Down Payment, but you expect an asset to sell in a year or two. Our No-Penalty, Drop-In Financing Option allows you to “drop in” any amount you want anytime you like and adjust your payments down to be commensurate with your new loan balance. Try to get that option at your bank.

Paying Cash and Need No Financing? Then, why not shift all our incentives to a larger custom build-out? Let us build a custom gazebo, pergola, casita, or outdoor kitchen on your new lot. In fact, we will custom design a CAD blueprint of all the amenities you want now and those you might want in the future so you can have in your hands a site drawing of everything you could ever want on your lot.





Outdoor Kitchen

Maybe you are a few years from retirement, but you want to purchase your RV Beach Home today—why not consider making your purchase inside your IRA or 401(k)? We will even pay the cost to set up your real estate IRA. Call us for all the details.

You get the idea. With our Ownership Toolbox, we can custom design your RV Beach Home purchase with the payment, interest rate, type of loan, and upgrades right for you and you alone.


Stay & Play Weekend

The best way to determine if Bella Terra is for you is to take advantage of our $99 Stay & Play special that gives you four days and three nights to learn the ownership details and see all the Gulf Coast has to offer.

Call us at 866-417-2416, for more information.

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