Premium Coach Estate Lot (115-624)
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Lot 115-624 is a Coach Estate lot, priced at $97,500 that offers a Western exposure, view of lake fountain, large patio space, and screened gazebo. Site offers quick access to the northeast bath house which offers private restroom/showers and laundry facilities. Parcel is a fee-simple deeded property and includes 3,464 sq ft.

Coach estate lots are spread along the eastern and western peninsulas of the Centerpiece Lake. This exclusive location offers sweeping views of Bella Terra. Premium lots are the best lots at Bella Terra of Gulf Shores and include custom upgrades. Each Premium lot is unique. Review the lot amenities to see what the lot may have.

Lot Amenities

Gazebo, seating

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* DISCLAIMER: Please note that Bella Terra RV Resort is restricted to Class A Motorcoaches only with a minimum length of 32' and must be no older than 15 years at time of arrival.


Premium Lot with Gazebo

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